Youth Performing Arts 

in conjuction with
 Allen Park: Parks and Recreation

Class Descriptions

(Ages 3-5)
Perfect for the younger student, this class is designed as an introduction to dance. It will explore movement through music, stimulate students' imagination and promote creativity. The class will also give them an understanding of the classroom community, improve social skills and develop motor skills all while having fun!

2-in-1: BALLET & JAZZ
(Ages 5-7)/(Ages 8+)
The foundation to many dance forms, Ballet is arguably the most elegant style of dance. It is also a dance form that students benefit from starting with early in their dance career. It teaches dancers to understand their center and gain flexibility and focus. Students will learn ballet fundamentals and terminology while developing strength, confidence, balance, rhythm, musicality, and flexibility.

Jazz dance combines movement and skill sets from different forms of dance, including Ballet, ethnic, and contemporary styles. It is an upbeat style set to popular music which makes this the favorite for many students.

This class teaches rhythm, coordination, and an introduction to basic tap terminology. Rhythm is key in this style of dance. With both percussive and Broadway-style movements, students enrolled in tap class not only give their feet a workout, but their brains get one, too. Young dancers love the noise their shoes make, and are amazed at how many different sounds can be generated with different parts of their feet.

(Ages 5-7)(Ages 8+)
Hip Hop is a street style of dance primarily performed to hip hop music. Dancers love this fun-loving, energetic style of current dance and never want it to end! These dynamic, upbeat classes teach hip hop technique and choreography with no suggestive music/movements. Dancers develop rhythm, coordination, and self-expression. This class teaches the fundamentals of hip hop movement. They are upbeat and high energy classes. Stretching, isolation, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and funky footwork will all be incorporated.

*By instructor permission

Our daughter Angel loves her dance classes and her wonderful instructors..they give her confidence and she learns more each year...