Youth Performing Arts 

in conjuction with
 Allen Park: Parks and Recreation


  • Help to create an ensemble: A cast will help each other -  onstage and off. As the show approaches, excitement builds and nervousness may increase; having a strong community between ourselves will filter through to our audience and result in better performances. The emotion that you feel onstage can also be felt by the audience. So veteran actors, help those that may be making their debut or new to this stage. We are in this together!

  • Your Labeled Bucket: Each cast member has a small labeled bucket. Place all personal items in this bucket to reduce the chance of any misplacing things around the stage. Please remember any jewelry, electronics or any other valued item that is not needed is better left at home.  

  • Costumes go back on the hangers: At the beginning of each rehearsal/show you will find your costume on a labeled hanger. After changing into your costume either place your clothes on your hanger or in your basket. At the end of each rehearsal/show costumes need to go back on the hanger. (Please do not put them in a ball in the corner.) If you are unsure how to hang them up please ask a older cast member or staff to assist. This ensures that the next time you put on your costume you will continue to look your best. 

  • Check your props before the show: If your character uses any type of prop in the show it is essential that you make sure it is in place before each show starts.   

  • No food or drink back stage: This can create endless problems. Spilling could completely ruin furniture or costumes can become stained. No food or drink is permitted in the wings and only water and costume friendly snacks (pretzels, carrot sticks or anything else that will not cause mess or stains on clothing) are allowed backstage. 

  • Walking feet:Just like rehearsals, this same rule applies to the auditorium. Your feet need to be walking so as not to injure yourself or others backstage. 

  • Do not peak through the curtain: If you can see the audience the audience can see you.

  • Keep silent offstage unless it is essential to the show:The hardest rule to follow. It is vital you do not distract your fellow actors or technicians. A whispered conversation in the wings can be very annoying to actors on stage, actors about to make an entrance and can even be heard in the house.

  • Friends and family, please stay in the house: Even though we love that grandma, uncles, cousins, friends... came to support you, they cannot come backstage unless they are volunteers working that show. The backstage is just not that large and we want you to focus on providing them with a great show. They can send written messages (Telegrams) backstage and cast members are encouraged to see the audience after the show is over.   

  • Have fun!:You have worked so hard in the weeks leading up to opening night. Take time to enjoy the show!

Stage Makeup

It's always ideal for you as a performer to have your own stage makeup kit. Do not to share your makeup -- nor your brushes or other tools. Keep makeup in a bag clearly labeled with your name. 

For Women:

  • Cream or Liquid Foundation that is 1-2 shades darker than skin tone
  • Red or Pink Blush
  • A range of Brown Eyeshadows (Unless color is required for character purposes)
  • Brown or Black Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Setting Powder
  • Makeup Remover

For Men:

  • Cream or Liquid Foundation that is 1-2 shades darker than skin tone
  • Terra Cotta Blush
  • A range of Brown Eyeshadows
  • Black or Brown Eyeliner
  • Setting Powder
  • Makeup Remover

Parent Volunteers

Please sign up through "Sign up Genius"