Youth Performing Arts 

in conjuction with
 Allen Park: Parks and Recreation

Youth Theater - There's A Monster in My Closet! - November 2016




EMILY athletic young girl; loves telling stories – Alana Maffesoli

STEPANIE fond of anything police-related – Andrea Linn

BRAIN very studious; a talking encyclopedia – Emily Rozman

MEGAN bookish; loves reading mythical fantasy – Julia Schroeder

TARA rough-and-tumble tomboy; fond of baseball – Jaden Pierce

KELLY sarcastic: a true skeptic – Kaitlyn Littleton

MARY absorbed in her appearance – Jasmine Walker


MURRAY impish closet monster; loves video games – Madison Stark

WANDA closet monster; motherly – Leah Andrysiak

TOADY little monster; harried secretary to the Dream King – Erica Linn

DREAM KING self-absorbed ruler – Lucas Frazier

ROBIN rookie Dreamweaver; a glowing little sprite – Samantha Frazier

JAMIE experienced Dreamweaver; a glowing little sprite – Allison Murdoch

SANDCLAN sends children off to dreamland

- Aurora Wasilewski (Leader)

- Kailey Streeter

- Arianna Palmer

- Lillian Murdoch

Unicorn – Abigail Hunt

Genie – Gabrielle Stanley

Mermaid – Charlotte Jones

Monster – Makenna Hodges

Fairy – Lizzie Maffesoli

Fairy – Brooke Cieszkowski