Youth Performing Arts 

in conjuction with
 Allen Park: Parks and Recreation

Audition Song:
Oh! The Things You Can Think

Oh, the thinks you can think!
Oh, the thinks you can think If you're willing to try... 
Think invisible ink! 
Or a gink with a stink! 
Or a stair to the sky... 
If you open your mind, 
Oh, the thinks you will find 
Lining up to get loose... 
Oh, the thinks you can think 
When you think about...Seuss!

Audition Tips...

Dress the part:
 We recommend clothes you can move in, closed toed shoes, a shirt that covers your tummy, and no distracting jewelry. You want to show your personality, but still have the focus be on YOU.

Before you audition:
Introduce yourself with confidence and a huge smile. State your full name and one thing about you. Keep it happy and bright. Definitely practice this as part of your audition with lots of energy. One of our best tips for auditions is to remember to “take a beat”. This means, take at least 1 deep breath, position yourself, and then begin.

Learn your stuff:
Practice, practice, practice! You have 30 seconds to stand out. Reading lyrics or reciting a monologue from a paper makes it hard to express your personality. When it is memorized, students are more confident in their audition.

Smile, be confident, and be yourself. You learn something from every audition so the more you audition, the better you will become. Relax...and have fun!